Thursday, August 26, 2010

Koala World!

How fun to compare and contrast the artistic development that is evident in these two precious drawings by my little friend Lily. As you can see, colored pencils and a shaded background have replaced the bold magic markers; the single tree and prominent branch (below, from a year ago) have given way to a forest of depth and density in the more recent "Koala World." The motif of bird and nest appears in both pictures. Last year, two bright yellow birds took center stage, with baby waiting for its dinner and mother bringing the worm -- a charming detail! This year features the exciting new koala family, while a lone red bird plays a supporting role. The nest is smaller, nestled higher up in the fork of a tree, and full of eggs, a nice touch! Great job, Lily!

Lily & Me


  1. This is Me Lily I just wanted to say HI!

  2. How sweet! Lily is a great little artist and it's cute that she has a love for Koala bears and birds. What a wonderful world she envisions and I hope she isn't disappointed as she grows older. Maybe we can leave her such a world.