Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Coyote!

My Sister Peg's Profile Picture

My Friend Jan's Roy Rogers Picture
Very cute, very confident, and very brave!

Both Peg and Jan shared these photos with accompanying comments about remembering this attitude more often.

Peg: "I wish I had more of that young attitude in my adult life!"

Jan: There's something to be said about girls and their young confidence. It helps me to look at these photos and to pull the energy from them. My adult self is not near so self-assured and could use a lesson from these young things."

"I had forgotten this chant that was once mine . . .
the song of the warrior woman."

~ Maxine Hong Kingston ~
from The Woman Warrior:
Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
, 20

"You were once wild here.
Don't let them tame you."

~ Isadora Duncan ~
from Isadora Speaks:
Uncollected Writings and Speeches of Isadora Duncan
, 138

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  1. Thanks for including my photo in the same breath as Maxine Hong Kingston's powerful quotation--"the chant that was once mine!" Time to reclaim it, yes?