Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrims in the Snow, 1867
by George Henry Boughton, 1833 - 1905
Anglo-American Painter

Minnesota Thanksgiving

For that free Grace bringing us past great risks
& thro' great griefs surviving to this feast
sober & still, with the children unborn and born,
among brave friends, Lord, we stand again in debt
and find ourselves in the glad position: Gratitude.

We praise our ancestors who delivered us here
within warm walls all safe, aware of music,
likely toward ample & attractive meat
with whatever accompaniment
Kate in her kind ingenuity has seen fit to devise,

and we hope - across the most strange year to come -
continually to do them and You not sufficient honour
but such as we become able to devise
out of decent or joyful conscience & thanksgiving.
Bless then, as Thou wilt, this wilderness board.

by John Berryman, 1914 - 1972
American Poet

Wilderness Table
by Frontier Ironworks

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