Thursday, November 18, 2010


Fall Break Photograph by Karen Jordan:
"Taken on a covered bridge the length of a football field!
Not that far from West Lafayette."

They dance before they learn
there is anything that isnt' music.

short poem by American poet
William Stafford
, 1914 - 1993

O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer from the dance?
W. B. Yeats, 1864 - 1939
from his poem "Among School Children"


  1. Thank you so much for signing on as a follower of my blog Pinecones&Roses. Looking at yours I find it thought provoking and your pictures beautiful. I'll try to check in with you often too. Diane

  2. You too Diane! I think we share some of the same favorite poems!