Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Hair

At Wimbledon, 4 July 2006

Royal Box: Duke of Kent & Princess Michael
(Back before my zoom lens, so you'll just have to trust me on this.)

A few years ago, when I decided to try growing my hair out from very short to medium, my British mother - in - law made the mistake of telling me that my transitional hairstyle reminded her of Camilla Parker Bowles (now Duchess of Cornwall, or whatever the heck she's called). Can you believe it?

I told her that in America that would be considered a big insult and that she'd better take it back immediately. Haha! I had to laugh -- but I also had to stare at myself in the mirror for awhile -- just to be sure! Maybe the Brits don't realize that over here, we're all still in love with Princess Diana (RIP) and always will be and have no intention of switching our loyalty over to Camilla. Humph!

At the time, I shared this anecdote with my friend Victoria, and a short while later emailed her the above photographs of my visit to Wimbledon. Her response was priceless:

"Did Princess Mike mistake you for Camilla?
LOVE the leopard glasses!"

That still makes me laugh . . . Mike and Cam!

Now that my hair is longer (and somewhat messier, especially during swim season), Gerry likes to point out that my fifteen or so years of very short hair -- so perfect for swimming -- was not a very feminine looking style. And his mother agrees, telling me that it was "practicable" for a young mother but not as nice as my current cut. Practicable? Is that even a word?

I beg to differ with them! I look back on those photos and can't help thinking of the women in Educating Rita (Michael Caine, Julie Walters, 1983) who come into the hair salon and ask Rita to make them look like Princess Diana. Maybe I didn't end up looking like Diana, but I recognize the hairstyle! Those were good, girlish haircuts!

Okay, there was that one time when I came home with the worst haircut that I have ever seen on my head. Surprisingly, Gerry assured me that it definitely was not the worst haircut I'd ever had, not by a long shot. Oh, no kidding? I asked him to try and recall which haircut had been worse, but he drew a blank. All he could come up with was a generalized sense of year after year in the past when my hair looked less than stylish. Oh, gee thanks!

Well, no matter. I loved my very short - hair years (as I did the very long - hair years that preceded them), and who knows -- I may go back to very short yet again if I start getting restless for a change, not to mention tired of drying & straightening, tired of the frizzies, and -- most importantly -- tired of my earrings not showing up very well!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . .

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