Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Or Not

Sam, Rabbit - Sitting ~ Spring Break 2004

. . . Easter is not really
for the children
unless accompanied by a
cream filled egg.
It has whips, blood, nails,
a spear and allegations
of body snatching.
It involves politics, god
and the sins of the world.
It is not good for people
of a nervous disposition.
They would do better to
think on rabbits, chickens
and the first snowdrop
of spring. . . .

from the poem "Christmas is Really for the Children"
by Steve Turner (b. 1949)
British music journalist, biographer, and poet
[to read entire poem, see my post "Keep Christmas With You"]

Robin Eggs
from the photographs
of Maggie Mesneak Wick

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by my cousin Maggie:
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  1. What an insightful poem by Mr. Turner. I totally agree with his description of both Easter and Christmas. I realize that Easter is supposed to celebrate the resurrection but it's the getting there I could never grasp. What a ghastly story to tell small children. Stick to bunnies, chicks, and cream filled chocolates.