Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Shepherd

My Favorite Beach Towel!
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Last fall, Sam had the honor
of writing the following stewardship
letter for our church, The Episcopal
Campus Ministry at Purdue University;
I thought he did a great job:

Dear Friend of the Chapel of The Good Shepherd,

My name is Sam McCartney and I am senior at West Lafayette High School. I have attended The Chapel of The Good Shepherd with my family since I moved to West Lafayette in sixth grade. I plan on attending Purdue for the next four years and plan to continue to attend the Chapel of The Good Shepherd.

I started going to the Chapel of the Good Shepherd in sixth grade, and there were always activities to make sure that I, as a young and often restless child, could stay involved in the service. As a sixth grader, during the sermon, my best friend, Brendan Knapp, and I would work, together through exercises in a book, with the help of Brendan’s mom. These exercises helped us learn more about each other and ourselves; they made us think about what we had, why we had it, and why we should appreciate it every day. The Chapel of The Good Shepherd offered me a great way to become more aware of myself and my surroundings.

Through the years of junior high and senior high school, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd has also been a great gathering place for me and my friends. Every Friday, from 7th through 12th grade, my friends and I have gone to the Chapel of The Good Shepherd to eat lunch. It has been a wonderful experience for me. In 7th, 8th, and 9th grade, Brendan and I would go and read through the Bible with Mr. Bunder. We would talk about the Bible, not in an overwhelmingly religious way, but in a way that would help us understand ourselves more and help us mature and grow in the right way.

2009 Confirmation Class: Brendan, Sam, Ben

As a 10th grader, Brendan and I, along with another very close friend of ours, Ben Capano, spent the year working our way through a confirmation curriculum that helped us understand not only religion and Christianity better, but also the steps that we needed to take toward becoming adults. Through our junior year and now as seniors, Brendan, Ben, five other close friends, and I have greatly enjoyed the company of Mr. Bunder every Friday at lunchtime watching documentaries and movies together, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Hobbit, and Supersize Me to name a few. The movies are fun; however, they have always, with the assistance of Mr. Bunder, offered us great insights into life, as well.

Also, throughout the years The Chapel of The Good Shepherd has been a great place for me to be on Sundays. I have enjoyed helping run the nursery with Brendan, as well as planning the annual Easter Egg Hunt and playing the trumpet every Easter for the Church.

I hope that you can see how important the Chapel of The Good Shepherd and, most importantly, Mr. Bunder have been throughout my junior high and high school years in West Lafayette. I have been able to develop my beliefs about my religion, form great friendships, and learn about myself in ways I could only have done through the Chapel of The Good Shepherd and with Mr. Bunder. I do hope that you can give, or continue to give to the Chapel of The Good Shepherd, so that students like me can continue to enjoy the terrific atmosphere that Mr. Bunder and this wonderful church have always offered me.


Sam McCartney

2011 High School Graduates: Ben, Sam, Brendan

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