Friday, July 1, 2011

Lizone's: Jewelry With An Attitude

Oh, who shall lightly say that fame
Is nothing but an empty name,
When but for those, our mighty dead,
All ages past a blank would be.

Joanna Baillie
Scottish Poem & Dramatist (1762-1851)*

If you're looking for some jewelry like no other, say a brooch that everyone will compliment and comment upon every time you wear it, try Lizone's Jewelry With An Attitude. Designer Lila McRainey's vintage brooches, featuring saved and found watch parts, first came to my attention at an annual arts and crafts fair in Ohio. Now, however, I can simply go to Etsy and view her charming selection anytime I want. I can always find the perfect gift (for myself or others) and never cease to be mesmerized by the amazing detail and incredibly fair price of each piece.

Lila was kind enough, when I implored her, to create some custom designs for me, assembled from various items of sentimental value that I had treasured and hoarded over the years.

1. I sent Lila a holiday puppy dog, given to me by my little brother when he was only five (Christmas 1966), a jingle bell friendship ring, from my friend Joni, when we were Freshman in high school (1971), some pewter hair barrettes that I used to love a lot, plus a few red and green buttons and broken bits.

Here's what she came up with:

Don't you love it? Christmas in July!


2. Can you see all the fun stuff in the collection below? Three gold watches from three different grandmothers (right), a Campbell's Soup Kid from the handle of an old spoon, a daisy chain ring from my elderly cousins, a tiny guardian angel charm, and an even tinier locket that my mother gave me on my 6th birthday (center).

Here is the beautiful result:

I had already consulted a jeweler who confirmed
that the watches would likely never run again;
and, besides, how could I wear all three of them?
Well, now I can -- all at the same time!


3. And finally, the product of a couple of contemporary watches: my trusty Seiko that died a natural death after 25 years of use, and a lame replacement -- also a Seiko but just not as trustworthy -- that sprang apart before my very eyes after only a month of wear. Still, I managed to get my money's worth by commemorating it along with its long - lived predecessor, a few stray earrings that I just couldn't part with, and plenty of little hearts from Lila's treasure box.

Thanks Lila!

Click to shop at Lizone's

Click to see additional examples of Lila's unique craft

*And something else I love about the Lizone's Etsy Store --
her exquisite handiwork is accompanied by
lots of memorable quotations like this.


  1. OMG Kitty Kitty KITTY! (sounds like my frequent blatherings around my house calling my cats, LOL).. Thank you SO MUCH for all the attention you are giving me in your wonderful blog! I am going to promote your blog via Facebook, Twitter and through my forums on Etsy! Wonderful and I am so grateful! Lila

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