Monday, July 4, 2011

The Signer

Certain rare moments change the
course of history. Yet within a mere
eleven years two such moments, the
signing of the Declaration of Inde-
pendence and the signing of the
Constitution of the United States,
occurred in Independence Hall, just
a few steps from where you are
standing. The sculpture you see
before you commemorates the courage
of those who altered their lives, and
ours, by affixing their names to these

The Signer
by sculptor, Evangelos Frudakis, 1980
Southeast corner of 5th & Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia Of all the impressive statuary to be found around the city,
my favorite is "The Signer."
Even though he still has the pen in his hand,
he has already rolled up the document for use as a telescope ~
thus he is a "signer" not only because of his "signature"
but also because of his "vision."

~ June 15, 2004 ~
On our last day in Philadelphia
while the movers packed up the big van,
Sam and I toured the neighborhood one more time.
We stopped by all of our favorite spots,
me with my camera, he on his bike.

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