Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gift Ideas for Graduation

Gerry's Gift to Me

For Christmas, Gerry downloaded a blog - to - book program, transferred over all of the Fortnightly Kitti Carriker posts from the first 18 months, and painstakingly edited every little detail until the format was perfect. Thanks Ger!

If you need to order some presents for the graduates in your life, I have a couple of suggestions for you, creatively hand - crafted, unique, and fun:

Perhaps a cool, colorful tee - shirt with Stickman
from SonOroN Creations
designed by my nephew Dan . . .

Order Now at CafePress

Or some funky deco punk jewelry with attitude
from Lizone's
created by Lila McRainy . . .

Order Now at Etsy

I first discovered Lizone's at the Stan Hywet Ohio Mart a few Octobers ago. Here are the irresistible brooches that I brought home that day. I gave each one as a present to three very lucky and appreciative recipients:


  1. I love the funky jewelry so I might just have to get some for myself. All great ideas for any occasion.

  2. If you are looking for a unique Graduation Gift try This Houston based company founded by two "Mompretreneurs" feature gifts that are centered around Gratitude. It's a great way to help new graduates focus on the good in their life during this time of exciting transition. Grateful Chics have lots of inspirational gift items for him or her and even a NEW Graduation Gift pack set for only $18 each.