Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to a Bad Start

Does this ever happen to you: someone recommends a new TV show; several opportunities to watch it slip by; you finally sit down to give it a try; and . . . the moment of truth . . . your expectations are not fulfilled.

Is this really the series that everyone seems to find so great? Were your expectations too high? Unfortunately, it appears that you have just seen the stupidest episode of the entire season; and after that bad first impression, it's difficult to take much of an interest, no matter how many people protest, "No, no, really, it's a good show; it's really funny; it's usually better than that!" Yeah. Whatever.

This is what happened the first time I ever switched on Northern Exposure, as well as the first time I ever tuned into Friends. The plot, in both cases, involved measuring sticks and a barrage of puerile jokes about penis length. Bad first impression.

Most recently it was Arrested Development. I had the ill-timed fortune of sitting down to watch right at the part where they start making fun of the girl with glasses and frizzy hair. C'mon writers! Let's move beyond that tired cliche. Besides, it's such old material, it's not even funny, especially if you happen to have glasses and frizzy hair. Remember Princess Diaries? Anne Hathaway is "beautiful" when she puts in her contacts and straightens her hair but "ugly" with her curly hair & glasses. Now why is that?

Thankfully, there are those who see the beauty
of the situation and pay a kind compliment!
Thanks to my sister Peg for this poster

For additional speculation on literary references
to naturally curly hair, try reading my post:

"Scary Hair"
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