Monday, May 9, 2011

To Sir, With Love

A song for Mr. McCune: "To Sir, With Love"
(as performed by the cast of Glee, 2009)*

Mr. Albert P. McCune, 1943 - 1975

In our high school yearbook we wrote:

"For those of you who did know "Mac," he was not only a teacher. There was no way you could be in band and not get to know him. If you had a problem, he was a counselor. If you had a complaint, he would listen. You could walk into his office any time of the day, and there would be a crowd of students gathered around his desk talking to him.

"At band contests, if we lost, he would always have words of encouragement. If we won, he was always bursting with pride and praise. To sum it up, we loved Al McCune. We will always hold him in our memories, and we will dedicate ourselves and our music to that memory."

~ Tribute written by Cheryl Heil Riley & Erik Ketcherside

*The original hit and title song
of the Sidney Poitier film
was sung by Lulu, in 1967.

A bunch of us kids with Mr. McCune at Band Camp
Cape Girardeau, Missouri ~ Summer 1972

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