Monday, May 16, 2011

Scary Hair

Milly and Kitti ~ 1980

Scary Hair / Scary Glasses!
In these pictures from college days, my twin brother Bruce says that I have "Scary Hair." We also have fun describing an earlier photograph, from 8th grade [sorry, I don't have a copy] in which he appears to have his arm around my shoulder but is in fact suppressing my springy hair behind my back! My friend Eve, blessed with a texture similar to mine, refers to this as our "Easter Grass Hair."

Just last summer, my husband Gerry and I were out in the garden checking out our raspberries, and I mentioned that the mosquitoes didn't seem as bad as they had the night before. In reference to the fact that after swimming I had allowed my hair to air - dry in its naturally unruly fashion, i.e., pretty much standing straight out from my head, Gerry responded: "Maybe they're scared of your hair!" Now that really made me laugh.

This excerpt is from "Scary Hair"

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Not So Scary!
Kitlet & Evelet ~ 2011
Different styles, a few years back ~ 2002

Before that ~ 1989

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    from August 21, 2016 ~ Maggie -- this summer, I had a substitute hair dresser who said, "Your hair does have a very "aggressive" texture!" I repeated this to my friend Nikki who said, "Couldn't she could at least have called your hair "assertive"?" Haha! (Sara, Lexi, Brittney, and Eve might like!)

    It is true that sometimes Gerry refers to my "angry hair." Haha!