Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ocean City Artwork

Earlier in the summer, Ben sent this photograph from Chicago's Navy Pier, with the caption:

"I remember this being bigger."
He was thinking back to an identical climbing maze that we used to visit at the fun park in Ocean City, New Jersey, years ago when he and Sam were tots. I couldn't find a photograph of the maze from those days, but I know that Gerry captured a few of those exciting climbing expeditions on video tape. I still remember the time when I had to climb in and slide down with Sam in order to get him out! That was a bit of fun!

Always on our way home from those Ocean City vacations, we would stop by McDonald's for a farewell bounce in the ball pit, as captured in

Ben's souvenir drawing from 1997.

Every summer, we took our art supplies along on vacation, in preparation for turning the beach house into an art studio in case of bad weather. You never knew what we might create on a rainy afternoon.

This present from Sam to me is one of my favorites:

Gerry and I also experimented with the boys' nice big paintbox of watercolors and sketch pads:

Gerry tried his hand at a classic seascape --
notice the birds, a family of four! --
while I worked on a maternal beachscape.

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