Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feed Your Brain

We used to sing this this silly song when the boys were small,
and we've been saying
"Feed Your Brain"
ever since!*

Two ways to feed your brain, no matter what your age:

Music: "Blowing That Horn Makes You Smarter, Longer"
article by Glenn Ruffenach


Swimming: "Teaching Adults to Swim"
article by Sanette Tanaka

The swimming article mentions embarrassment several times as one of the greatest stumbling block for many adult beginners. I can say from personal experience that if I were to let that stop me, I'd never get anywhere. Please click to read my testimonials of learning to swim and resuming piano lessons. True stories! Don't be embarrassed, just do it! It will add value to your life, I promise! And joy!

‎"When you are very honest with yourself,
and brave enough,
you can express yourself fully.
Whatever people may think,
it is all right. Just be yourself.
That is actual practice, your actual life."
~ Suzuki Roshi ~

P.S.Thanks to my husband Gerry for sending the first article
and to my swimming buddy Joe for the second reference
and to my friend Jack for reminding me to apply Roshi's wisdom.
{also, at right -> -> ->}

*Another favorite nonsense tune from the same era:

"I Got a Boo Boo On My Finger.
Did it cutting birthday cake. . . .
There's no need to be so drastic!
And don't be so bombastic!
Life alone is so fantastic!
Just relax and watch the show!"

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