Saturday, August 11, 2012

Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool

Our Cool Pool!

Dear Councilman Bunder & West Lafayette City Council,

As a long - time resident of West Lafayette (1989 - 93; 2004 - 12), I am writing to express my appreciation for the excellent swimming facilities that are offered at the Happy Hollow Municipal Pool. I like to think of our pool as a perfect microcosm of the entire community: little kids, big kids, young adults, old adults, experts, amateurs, and many beginners -- of all ages; some who swim fast, others who take it slow; some treading, some diving; some taking lessons, some working out with serious purpose and some just having a good time!

In the summers of 1989, '90, '91 and '92, I had the good fortune to be enrolled in adult swimming classes with Dee Dilling and Gerry Wachs. Since those years, I have made it my goal to attend at least one lap swim every day that the pool is open, sometimes two. I know that many people in our community value their daily pool outings as much as I do, and we are all filled with dismay when our pool season comes to such an early close every year in mid - August.

I would like to express my enthusiasm for any discussion that might be underway to consider an extension of the pool season, perhaps until Labor Day each year, or shortly thereafter, as seems to be the case at many other public pools. Please number me among the citizens who are willing to help the City explore creative solutions to making this possible.

Thanks again for providing an excellent neighborhood facility and for taking the time to consider the proposition of a longer swimming season.


Kitti Carriker, Ph.D.

We Even Have Church at the Pool!

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  1. I want to join Kitti in my appreciation for the pool and its staff. It has been a blessing for me and my family to swim there. There is only thing that I would also ask in addition - to have it open to the public for a little longer, say, till the end of August. Maybe just for an hour or couple hours in the evening. It is so hard to say good bye to such a beauty, to all that fun when the Sun and the weather are still seducing us to enjoy our outdoor open-air pool.

  2. Yet Again ~ Summer 2017

    Can you please explain the absurdly early closing of West Lafayette's Happy Hollow Pool? Despite writing letters of inquiry year after year, to the City Council, to the Mayor, to Parks & Rec, I have never received a comprehensible answer to this question, though various lame excuses range from no lifeguards, to no parking, to cost of insurance, to cost of chemicals. A flourishing community that can afford new roads, flower beds, bike lanes, parks and paths should not be without a public pool for the last four weeks of summer in Indiana. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be getting worse, not better: in 2009, the pool closed on August 16; this year (2017) the last day was August 6 -- a loss of 10 full days. Please, extend our pool season!