Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrate With Verve

It's only the 10th Day of Christmas -- don't stop celebrating yet!
I just couldn't resist matching up these fabulous holiday paintings
by Carl Larsson
with some of my favorite celebratory passages from AVA.

Name Day at the Storage Shed"Each holiday celebrated with real extravagance.
Birthdays. Independence days. Saints' days.
Even when we were poor. With verve."

(from Ava, by Carole Maso, 3)

Christmas Eve"It was Christmas Eve Day. I wore bells."
(from Ava, by Carole Maso, 53)

For Karin's Name Day"How we celebrated each holiday, each saint's day. With verve.
Touch then this moment. Caress it with your mind. . . .
How we celebrated each Epiphany . . . "

(from Ava, by Carole Maso, 84, 108)

P.S. For more Carl Larsson on my blog, see St. Lucy & Kitchen Windows

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