Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Both to Us!

Incognito ~ In Bruges

Kitti & Gerry ~ 25 / 26 Years

Gerry and I had to complicate things, having our civil wedding on 3 February 1989, and our religious ceremony seven months later on 2 September 1989 [and just for a touch of symmetry, Ben was born precisley nine months later, on 2 June 1990]. We try to celebrate both wedding dates in some small way each year, usually tying Anniversary #1 in with Valentine's Day and Anniversary #2 in with Labor Day. Coincidentally, our belated 25th Anniversary #2 trip to Bruges, that we started planning in September 2014, fell on the eve of our 26th Anniversary #1 in February. So Happy Both to Us!

Happily Ever After
Souvenirs from Gerry's Parents: British Cottage Toast Rack and Tea Pot
White Roses from Amy & Matt's Wedding Day


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