Monday, February 23, 2015


Rough ~ Sanded ~ Polished
Floor Refinishing Project ~ Philadelphia ~ 2001


My belly is an acorn
Of round, sweet meat

Smooth, silky
A heart carved into fur

I can feed the squirrels
Which feed the hawks
Which oversee--
Floating their mighty feathers
Down to earth
As a reminder,
As a sign:

Do not give up
Someone cares

I can lie still
Full of promise
In the dirt

I can sprout
And grow
Reach heights and girth
And nobility
Beyond my now,
Beyond yours

I can be
Someone you walk on
Her satin-grained,
Her oaky flavor
Her gold

What was the floor before she was underfoot?

Hostess to the owls?

Mistress to moss?

Does she miss that life?

Does she warm instinctively, simply yearning for your sole?

~ by Tammy Sandel

"satin - grained, Robust . . . gold . . . underfoot"

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