Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pre - Valentine Message

" . . . carved on a tree . . . "
Beautiful Koningin Astrid Park ~ Bruges, Belgium
. . . the moment we are born appears to be the very same moment we forget we are loved. Now isn't that awkward? Shouldn't the two things dovetail, love and memory? Shouldn't a feeling that powerful be carved on a tree so no one can ignore its message? To come so far to be in this world only to forget something all - important -- what kind of journey is that? I'll bet that 90 percent of the love that surrounds us is dismissed or discounted -- the cup of tea a friend makes, the letter from a faraway auntie. The fact that no one feels loved enough merely proves my point" (43).
from The Lost Girls
by Laurie Fox

Mysterious Hanging Moss ~ Sonoma, California

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