Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quotidian Transformation and Renewal

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~ Tools for Everyday Use ~
"You know as well as me you was named after your aunt Dicie," I said. Dicie is my sister. She named Dee. We called her "Big Dee" after Dee was born.

"But who was she named after?" asked Wangero.

"I guess after Grandma Dee," I said.

"And who was she named after?" asked Wangero.

"Her mother," I said, and saw Wangero was getting tired. "That's about as far back as I can trace it," I said. Though, in fact, I probably could have carried it back beyond the Civil War through the branches.

from "Everyday Use"
by Alice Walker

~ Crones At Last ~
" . . . give to the women of our time
the strength to persevere,
the courage to speak out,
the faith to believe in you beyond
all systems and institutions
so that your face on earth may be seen in all its beauty,
so that men and women become whole . . .

We call on the holy women
who went before us . . . "

from "A Litany of Women for the Church"
by Joan Chittister
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~ My Strange Quest ~
" . . . the death of the Author leads of the rise of the auteur, showing that even in an ungoverned universe there is usually someone in charge. By having the scenery fall down a great deal and keeping other cameras in shot they proved that the films were fictions simply about themselves, and indeed this was a time when all art became about itself, books being about the writing of books and buildings about the building of buildings. Thus architecture became postmodern too and form stopped being a slave to function . . . . All art became a fund of eclectic quotations from all other art and it was clear
. . . that we now lived in the age of the imaginary museum, when all styles were simultaneously available
" (46).

from My Strange Quest for Mensonge
by Malcolm Bradbury
And now the Summer begins . . .
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