Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holdin' Out For A Hero

In the course of making some plans on the family e-mail circuit, my brother-in-law Tom expressed some travel concerns about my sister Di's health and safety.

To calm the rest of us down, Di wrote back: "Hello again. Kit, Tom is just my worrier. Heeheehee. I will be fine flying alone."

On the next message, Tom chimed in: " Hey, Babe, don't you mean Warrior, fighter for the common good, defending the world from evil and making a difference. Well in my mind anyway..." (ellipses, Tom's).

Our big sister Peg provided the perfect summary: "Di is very lucky to have her "Warrior-worrier" in her corner. We all need someone who looks out for us and makes sure we don't extend ourselves too much. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby sister."

And brother Bruce concluded: "Here, here. I think all of us feel the same way, Tom."

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