Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Solstice Connection

10 - 03 - 2011

"Oh, what a catastrophe . . . when we cut ourselves . . . off
from the rhythm of the year,
from our unison with the sun and the earth.
Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love
when it was a personal, merely personal feeling,
taken away from the rising and the setting of the sun,
and cut off from the magic connection
of the solstice and the equinox!"
~ D. H. Lawrence ~

09 - 13 - 2012

I can only hope that D. H. Lawrence will not mind that I have edited out the sexist language of the above passage for an inclusive version which does not sound insipid or detract from his original. Suffragettes forever!

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  1. Jan said . . .

    I love this idea of "always looking for the intersection of the quotidian and the artistic." LOVE it! And I do like that you edited DH to be more inclusive!

    Are you planning to continue both this blog and the other one I've been reading? And in this blog you mention "other blogs." Are there more than two? You are busy--and you really are creating visually appealing pages. I love the talisman bike.