Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At The Mouth of the Well of Magic Water

Turning 50 this summer? Here's a vacation idea to celebrate the half - century mark. Go to the Yucatan Peninsula and stand in awe before the imposing monuments of Chichen Itza. Peer deep into the sacrificial wells. Gaze in wonder at the beauty of Tulum. Fall in love with the Mayan Riviera. Feel at one with the Cosmos and the Centuries and the Precession of the Equinoxes. More sobering than the ghosts of human sacrifice, however, will be all the imploring little children racing up to you with $5 tee shirts in hand, chanting their sales pitch: "Cheaper than Walmart! Cheaper than Walmart!"

The very best part was standing in awe before the ancient temples at Tulum (on the coast) and Chichen Itza (further inland); that part was sacred; the commercialism was profane; the poverty demoralizing. I was glad I went; glad to be back: I guess that's the way an adventure is supposed to be.

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