Friday, June 5, 2015


Best of Both Worlds: Tea ~and~ Wine!

" 'Come for Twine'
is what I write on the invitations.
We'll start at 4:30 with tea, and then,
because the sun will be over the yardarm,
wine and cocktails."

drawings & twine invite
from the website
of artist and wise woman
Susan Branch

"Drink tea, a friend to those seeking wisdom."

from "A Simple Song of Fun"
found in
The Second Dalai Lama: His Life and Teachings
translated by Glenn H. Mullin

Thanks to my friend Cate
for sharing with me the wisdom of the Dalai Lama
and being my co - fan of everything Susan Branch!

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  1. Maybe some day you can come back and you, me and Brenda can go back to the Serenity Tea Room for tea and scones.

  2. Peg & Brenda, I would love that!