Thursday, February 24, 2022

A Valentine From Ellie

After the Valentines, came the wall art . . .
and after the wall art, came the "cleansing":

Ben: “After the great cleansing, nothing remains of the first great lost work of Eleanor Rose save for a grainy image on a cell phone. Scholars would study that first work of the genius for years to come.”

Len: "Future scholars of this present time will lament the attempt to erase works from the artist's juvenilia. It will have to be reconstructed by advanced computer imaging and tracing of all of the missing images. They will need to remove that section of the wall to send it to conservators and restorers, of course. The term 'grainy image' will be understood as a synecdoche for the Plains States art movements of the mid-21st century."


Found sidewalk art,
on my walks around the neighborhood with Ellie

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