Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Blogs

Watercolor by Ben McCartney, age 8 (1998)
". . . the business of recording life
meant that there was less time for living."

Doris Lessing
Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, 2007

This Lessing quotation explains what I feel has been happening to me since I designed my blogs. I've been writing more but reading less -- because the business of writing about reading means less time for reading! A timely input - output trade - off that works well for both my Quotidian and Fortnightly posts, where I get a lot of writing done, but not quite so well for Kitti's Book List, which has seen lengthier years. It's not that I haven't been reading. I have . . . but at a slower pace than I would like.

My project over the weekend was to look over my reading journal for the past couple of years, say a little something about the titles that have so far escaped commentary, and finish up a few posts started earlier in the year. The lists that follow aren't long, but they tie up a few loose ends:

Imagery from Afghanistan and Iran
Movie Tie - Ins
Big Hair Day
Homebody Anybody
Homebody Somebody

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