Saturday, September 3, 2011

Waiting for Football

Boilermaker Sam McCartney, #43

Gerry always says that there are two seasons at our house: Football Season and Waiting for Football. Waiting for Football began with the conclusion of last year's season when our hearts were touched by Sam's tribute at the Senior Banquet:

"I first want to thank my parents for their constant support and the countless hours they spent towards helping me be successful during my high school football career.

"I want to thank my mom for always driving me to practice during my football career in Little Gridiron, Junior High Football, and the early years of High School football. For making me breakfast during the summer after conditioning and doubles practices. I also want to thank my mom for undertaking and accomplishing the endeavor of understanding the game of football.

"I want to thank my dad for filming my kicks during the games this year. For driving all over the state of Indiana to watch my games. For driving me all over the Midwest to attend football camps. I also want to thank my dad for undertaking and accomplishing the endeavor of helping my mom understand the game of football.

Haha -- but true! Thank you Sam!

Even more endearing than Sam's parental tribute were the closing words that he dedicated to his big brother Ben, who had also been a successful kicker for the Westside Red Devils before he graduated and Sam took over: "I want to thank my brother for helping me become a better kicker, for his support through my successes and failures, but most importantly for showing me what dedication is. For showing me what commitment is and for showing me what it takes to accomplish your goals." As Sam has been saying ever since he was four years old: "Just like brudders!"

As of today, we officially make the transition from Waiting to the Real Thing. Last weekend we warmed up by attending Friday night's high school game as alumni parents, where we saw the West Lafayette Red Devils looking good! RDP!

Regional Champs, Fall 2010
The Seniors: Sam, 2nd from left, #23

The following day, we went up to campus for Purdue's "Meet the Team" preview where we inadvertently created this 5 - second video of Sam signing footballs and tee - shirts for young Boilermaker fans.


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