Monday, January 9, 2012

War Horse

Movie by Steven Spielberg
Book by Michael Morpurgo

When watching this movie last week, I couldn't help thinking of the letter my grandfather, Paul J. Lindsey, wrote about his trench warfare experience:

"Kessler and Moore were my two best buddies and were killed not over two feet from me in an awful artillery bombardment with shells bursting from the treetops to the ground, just a literal rain of shrapnel. We had dug in the night before but had not cut brush to cover our foxholes up with. We pitched our pup tents over the holes and the shellfire was so awful that all the ropes holding our tents up were cut and the tents had fallen down. I had turned on my right side with my face to the side of the foxhole and a slug of shrapnel hit my helmet laying on my head. I have always thought the old 'hard hat' saved my life that night. In that awful rain of death I promised God if He would let me live I would serve Him. My life was spared, and I was spared from any real dangerous duty after that."

My Grandfather's
Battle of the Argonne Participation Medal in Miniature
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