Sunday, September 2, 2012

Boiler Up!

Purdue Kicker Sam McCartney
Photograph taken by
my multi-talented friend Sandra Dukes, who says,
"I shot that photo of Sam's first points
for US Presswire.
Not always easy to get good shot of the kickers
but that turned out well.
Glad you like it!"

Thank you Sandy! We love it!

In the news . . .

Comments from Sam, excerpted from article:

"I made the decision to come here because I wanted to play. I'm from West Lafayette and I take a lot pride in being a Purdue Boilermaker. I wanted to do everything I could to get out on the field. . . . I'm not here to watch. . . .

"I feel very controlled and coach Gibboney has a plan for me and certain things he's earmarked for me to pay close attention to. . . . Being able to utilize my height and my leg strength and the length of my leg, I'm buying into that and paying attention to what he says.

"I feel very good about myself but we're all competing, we're all pushing each other and making each other better."

Of fellow kickers Cody Webster and Carson Wiggs, Sam says, "They showed me that being a specialist isn't all about kicking on the field. . . . It's about what you do in the weight room and the classroom . . . and having the chip on your shoulder that you need to be able to block people out and focus on what you need to do."

Webster #42, McCartney #43, Wiggs #37
Photo by Michelle Link ~ Football Mom & Photographer
Michigan, 2011

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