Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dave ~ Such a Boer!

Happy Birthday to my brother Dave (b 1947)!

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A couple of summers ago, my brother sent me this photograph of himself, which I thought I'd post today, along with his explanation, in honor of his birthday:
David J. Carriker, June 2008Marion Always Said I Was A Boer

This week I went out and bought some new summer togs all on my own.
Instead of my usual cut off jeans and sleeveless T-shirts, I made a real
effort to change my style. Marion had mentioned more than once that she
really liked the look of cargo shorts, so I decided, what the heck.
Better than old man plaid with black socks. While shopping for shorts I
found some marked down shirts that were reduced because they were long
sleeved. However, they are designed to be worn with the sleeves rolled
up so I think I got over.

Anyhoo, I put on a style show for Marion and she immediately said, all
you need is a hat. So I went and dug around in my closet and came back
with the hat. Then she said where's your rifle and pistol. So I went
to the gun cabinet, outfitted myself and represented myself for
inspection. At that point she pronounced me a true Boer (note the
spelling and look it up if you have to).

Just an evening of silliness for two old retirees. Gotta admit it was

Dave the Brummbaer, now ready for the next
stray elephant he sees in Independence (Kansas)

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