Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Point About the Daub

Sam's Nightlight Project ~ 3rd Grade ~ Fall 2001

In honor of Sam's birthday, I thought I'd share an oft - used phrase that he contributed to our family vocabulary back in his days as a most insightful fourth - grader. A creative student, Sam completed many impressive projects during the early years of his education. On the one hand, he was fastidious in his attention to detail; on the other, he was also very efficient in getting to the heart of the matter.

Such was the case when working on his Viking longhouse, constructed of wattle and daub. First, he wove the wattle of twigs and brown pipe cleaners, and collected live moss for the rooftop.

Next, he concocted a very tasty daub out of peanut butter, Nutella, and dry oatmeal; spread this mixture over one exterior wall; and declared his project complete. I suggested that we could easily mix up another batch to cover the additional walls, but Sam is not a time - waster, and he was insistent: "Mom! I think we made the point about the daub!"

Sam's conclusion still comes in handy whenever someone (and, yes, I confess, it is often I) goes on too long about something. Remember the little Dr. Seuss character in Hop on Pop who says, "Good - by, Thing. You sing too long?" Well, in our house, we just roll our eyes and say, "I think you made the point about the daub!"

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