Saturday, February 6, 2016


Las Vegas:
Gerry On the Job ~ Working from the Hotel Room

New York City:
Christmas Version of Gerry's Favorite Vegas Pose

Texas: Me too!

As I was grouping these photos, a friend emailed to say that I should read Jan Hoffman's article, "A New Vision for Dreams of the Dying." Not only is the topic mesmerizing -- otherworldly yet grounded -- but it is also accompanied by this uncanny photograph, which, if you ask me, bears a timely resemblance to the chiaroscuro of my window sequence:

Photo of Dr. Christopher W. Kerr, a palliative care physician
taken by Brendan Bannon for The New York Times

Advice from Dr. Kerr on the therapeutic role of patients’ end-of-life dreams and visions: “[Adult] Children will see their [elderly] parents in an altered state and think they’re suffering and fighting their dying. But if you say: ‘She’s talking about dead people, and that’s normal. I’ll bet you can learn a lot about her and your family,’ you may see the relative calming down and taking notes.”

Related article: "How we used to die; how we die now"

Also somewhat related: World of Tomorrow
Only 17 minutes long: Watch now!

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