Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hillary! Green Tara!

"Homage! Tara, swift, heroic!
With a glance like flashing lightning,
born from a blooming lotus
sprung from the tears on
the face of the Lord of the World!"

Chapter III, Tara Tantra

After the election, I was telling my friend Cate what you're supposed to do every time you go into Starbucks, as explained to me by my friends Bill and Tanuja. When they ask your name for your order: Say "Hillary." Then they write "Hillary" on your coffee cup and call out "Hillary" when your beverage is ready! You just have to remember that they mean you! If several friends do it at once, then you hear "Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!" Fun? I haven't done it yet but I really want to. I need some friends to go with. Actually I would also do it alone, but I haven't even been by myself lately.

Cate had another idea: "I would probably do Green Tara. 'Green Tara, Green Tara, Green Tara' ~ now that would be real fun!"

Thanks Cate for teaching me about Green Tara and for sharing this Prayer on the Eve of the Inauguation.

Come to think of it, the Green Tara and the Starbucks Siren share similar features, both physically and spiritually.
Steve from Starbucks writes that the Siren "is a storyteller, carrying the lore of Starbucks ahead, and remembering our past. In a lot of ways, she’s a muse –always there, inspiring us and pushing us ahead.

"And she’s a promise too, inviting all of us to find what we’re looking for, even if it’s something we haven’t even imagined yet.
Starbucks Cups: 1971, 1987, 1992, 2011

Kitti & Meg, at the
Women's March ~ Lafayette, Indiana ~ 21 January 2017

P.S. ~ October 2017
Although I've been going to Panera for years, I never noticed until a few days ago that their logo is a woman holding a loaf of bread. I thought it was merely some swirls, or maybe some steam (since I usually get the coffee). But no, it's more than that! Now I know that in addition to the Starbucks logo being a sea goddess, the Panera ~ Logo is a land goddess!