Sunday, October 1, 2017

September Butterfly Away

How lucky I was to photograph this Last Nice Day of September* visitor to our flower bed! I especially like the way that you can see one single antenna rising up right behind the Sweet Mr. William petals. And how do you like the way that this autumn butterfly has successfully blended brown, orange and pink; and coordinated plaids and circles in its seasonal ensemble? As one facebook friend observed:
"Oh Wow! How come nothing ever clashes in nature, but . . . if humans put those patterns and colors together in fabric or painting or some other way, it likely would just not work, but I've never seen anything in nature which looked like it clashed!"
*Last nice day? Don't worry! All that means is that it was the last day of September, because every day in September was nice! And every day of October is going to be the same . . .

Beginning of October Mum Cocktail
Drink Up!
Enjoy Previous Mum & Wine Haiku!

A good day to buy
wine - colored chrysanthemums.
And wine. Beautiful!

~ Autumn Haiku by Burnetta, Karen & Kitti ~

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