Friday, November 24, 2017

Sugar Cane

Just in case you didn't get enough
sugar on Thanksgiving Day . . .

Allegory of Sugar Cane, 1884

by French - born New Orleans artist, John Genin, 1830 - 1895
Courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Collection (1997.20.1)
"Along with King Cotton, Louisiana boasted other natural resources and agricultural products, such as sugar, rice, timber, salt, and seafood. By the 1880s, cotton, sugar, rice, and produce exchanges had been built in New Orleans. And following the discovery of oil near Jennings in 1901 and the extraction of sulphur near Lake Charles in 1905, mineral resources began to play an even greater role in the state's economy."

Need a sugar rush to get you going again?
Here's an energizing pick - me - up tune!
Sugar Cane: A Ragtime Classic Two Step, 1908
by American composer and pianist, Scott Joplin, 1868 -1917

And from the Philippines,
a sugarcane legend about finding
heaven on earth in the simple things . . .

. . . such as
Beata's meringues and apple fritters!

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