Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Walk With G'Poppa

Baby Ben with Grandpa Ron & Grandma Rosanne
(AKA Grim & Gram)
Christmas 1991 ~ Crosby, Near Liverpool, England
Also, see dear old Jasper, hiding behind G'poppa?

The above picture was taken just before Grandpa Ron and Ben set out for their Boxing Day walk around Crosby. Ben was 18 months old, enjoying his first trip to England and his first British Christmas. Reflecting later that afternoon, Ron wrote the following poem, put it away in his notebook, and presented it to Ben as a keepsake 18 1/2 years later -- on Ben's 20th birthday, 2 June 2010.

His First Walk

The wild geese fly
The curlew calls
The grey geese gaze
The bird song sounds

These Ben and I saw and heard
On his first walk in the realm of his ancestors
What pride and joy it gave to his grandfather
Who had prayed a day like this would come
A day that he could share with Ben
His first grandson

Christmas 1991

Gerry and Ben, same trip

24 Years Later ~ Christmas 2015
Ron, looking for coal on Crosby Beach
Photo by Ben

Ron and Sam, walking through the Pine Forest
Ben is there too, but he's behind the camera!

Sam following in G'poppa's Footsteps

Where the Woods Meet the Sea:
Another Afternoon of Reflection for G'poppa (look closely)

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