Sunday, March 25, 2018

Walkway to the Sun

Equinox Sunset by Beata ~ 22 March 2018
Beata: Such a beautiful day. Coming back from my meeting at the library, I experienced the most spectacular sunset. At the stop sign, I paused to enjoy the sun going down. I literally spent ten minutes waiting for it in the middle of the road.

Kitti: It was worth the wait! In the first picture, I really like the included reflection on the hood of the car!

Ha ha, in the second picture I wanted to avoid that!

Kitti: I know! And I saw you got rid of the wires, which I am also always trying to avoid. On the other hand, sometimes those little unwanted details add an interesting touch.

Beata: You got it right! I love your photo, especially pretty because the winding walkway leads toward raising sun and the branches mirror the movement of the walkway.
Sunrise the Next Morning

Sky Full of Wires

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