Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Local Social Forces, Household Finance, and Real Estate
William Benedict McCartney

Without Ben's permission, I take the liberty of quoting here from the "Acknowledgements" preceding the body of his dissertation. A genius of both heart and mind, my elder son has written:
"I cannot imagine my life without all the love and encouragement I have received from my family. Kit and Ger have provided everything from copyediting to thoughtful discussions to steadfast emotional support. Grim and Gram have been there for me since my littlest days and always seem so sure that I know what I am talking about that my insecurities fade away. Sam -- with his fierce work ethic and ambition -- is an inspiration, a great source of pride, and a sobering reminder that academics have it so good,

"Finally, Cathleen, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your incredible kindness makes every day spent with you a complete joy. Your confidence in me, unconditional warmth, and seemingly boundless patience have made the last three years so much easier. As a completely unfair trade for everything you have done for me, I dedicate this work -- and all the tables in it -- to you."
Cathleen & Ben

Back in the day when Gerry and I completed our dissertations, the "Acknowledgements" page was not offered as an option. My freelance version took the following form (May 1990):
"Writing takes energy -- more energy than you ever think you have. And energy comes from love. It takes a spasm of love to write a poem, and several spasms to write a short story, and hundreds of them to write a novel."

~ Erica Jong, from How to Save Your Own Life

. . . and seventy - ver - million to write a dissertation!"

Ger -

How could I ever have have done it without you?
Thank you for loving me so many spasms high!

XOXO always & very faithfully yours,



Kit -

I can only do it because of the love you give me.


Kitti, Ben, Gerry ~ May 12, 2018

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