Tuesday, December 4, 2018

More Too Many Christmas Carols

Half History, Half Humbug

My personal favorite:
Scrooge the Musical -- Albert Finney, 1970
Animations for children of all ages:
Mr. Magoo, 1962
A Christmas Carol Animation, 1971
-- produced by Richard Williams
-- narrated by Michael Redgrave
Jetsons, 1985
Jim Carrey / Disney, 2009
Not animated, but definitely cartoonish:
Black Adder, Rowan Atkinson, 1988
Scrooged -- Bill Murray, 1988
Muppets -- Michael Caine, 1992
Chick Flicks:
Eggnog, 1991 (Sisters TV Series, Christmas episode)
Ebbie, 1995
Diva, 2000
Collateral Beauty, 2016
The Old Goats:
Seymour Hicks, 1935
Reginald Owen, 1938
Alastair Sim, 1951
George C. Scott, 1984
The Somewhat Younger Old Goats:
Henry Winkler, 1979
Patrick Stewart, 1999
Also Patrick Stewart / Star Trek
Kelsey Grammer, 2004
21st Century:
Ink, 2009
The Man Who Invented Christmas, 2017
BBC/FX Christmas Carol, 2019
A few more ~ thanks Aaron!
And a list of ten versions, in order of true-ness to the text.


While binge watching endless versions
of A Christmas Carol,
how about indulging in a slice
of the cutest Christmas cake ever?!
(Not made by me -- just sharing for cuteness!)
Cake made by Millie's Moments
Gerry & I are good at Christmas cakes with snow scenes
(our recipe) ~ but never this fancy!


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  2. Further analysis from my friend, Minneapolis dramatist Steven LaVigne:

    I’m so happy you like Scrooge the most. I like it, but hadn’t seen it in decades. I think Alastair Sim is the best of all. Mr. Magoo is second because that’s the version I saw first, plus the score is by Bob Merrill and Jule Styne and was written while they were writing Funny Girl. I’ve never seen the Jetsons version, and can’t stand Jim Carrey.

    I will look for the Black Adder, which I have on disc, but don’t really remember. Scrooges is fun and I saw the Muppets version in Scotland at Jane and Robbie’s. I liked it, but think Gonzo should have played Scrooge. Ebbie is marvelous. I haven’t seen the Diva version, Collateral Beauty or the Seymour Hicks, but I think I have that with my copy of the Sim.

    Reginald Own is marvelous, as is Scott. The Henry Winkler is clever, but I don’t like the Patrick Stewart script. I saw it when I was doing research for my stage version. I haven’t seen the Kelsey Grammer, but loved The Man Who Invented Christmas.

    I’m thinking of looking at my script again. I want to revise it, because mine includes a Mummer’s Play, and I’d love to have it be a Mummer’s version of the story.

  3. https://www.facebook.com/steven.lavigne.161/posts/10221562294219894:39

  4. Another interesting article, listing 10 version of "A Christmas Carol" in order of true-ness to the text:


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