Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Resolutions for the New Year

1. Start Fresh

2. Drink Deep

3. Run With the Wind*

4. Live in the "Golden Envelope of Light"**

Spiced Coffee at Town & Gown Bistro

"Gilgamesh, whither rovest thou?
The life thou pursuest thou shalt not find.
When the gods created humankind,
Death for us they set aside,
Life in their own hands retaining.
Thou, Gilgamesh, let full be thy belly
Make thou merry by day and by night.
Of each day make thou a feast of rejoicing,
Day and night dance thou and play
Let thy garments be sparkling and fresh,
Thy head be washed, bathe thou in water.
Pay heed to the little one that holds thy hand,
Let thy spouse delight in thy bosom,
For this is the task of humankind.

~From The Epic of Gilgamesh ~ Tablet X
~Translated by E. A. Speiser

For additional New Year Poems:

"i am running into a new year" by Lucille ~ Clifton
** "in celebration of surviving" by Chuck Miller

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