Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Basket Day

A May Basket for All Seasons:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Lights
~ substituting as Candy Eggs ~
served in an Easter Basket for dessert on May Day!

Wishing a Very Happy May Day
to all who still celebrate and observe
the waning days of this nostalgic tradition!

Earlier today, my siblings and I were reminiscing
about the May Day's of our childhood in Southern Missouri:
Peg: Do you remember that we used to make May Baskets for our neighbors in Neosho?

Kit: That is one of my best memories of Neosho, along with playing "Statue" and finding Treasure Hunt Clues all over the place! I loved the way we did our May Baskets -- like our paper dolls --"from scratch," coming up with all of our own designs and then combining our homemade paper flowers along with real ones. Those were the days! I hope our elderly neighbors appreciated our handi-work!

Boo: There was a vacant lot across the street -- I think there might have been an old foundation on it. There were some flowers there -- I'm thinking daffodils, maybe some irises, also a lilac bush. I remember going over there and getting flowers on May Day.

Di: I do remember! And in later years, one of our neighbors in New Melle left us a May basket with candy!
Di's reference to candy gave me
the idea to re-purpose the leftover
Easter Basket Candy as May Day Candy!

How we loved surprising our parents, neighbors and school teachers! A few years ago, NPR really captured the spirit of the occasion, right down to calling this special day not merely May Day, but May Basket Day!

The History Channel explains the more serious side of May Day as an International Workers Day, observed in many countries with protests, marches, and parades of solidarity.

The Farmers Almanac explains the significance of May Day as the halfway point between the Spring / Vernal Equinox (21 March) and the Summer Solstice (21 June), a cross - quarter highlight in the annual circle dance of the calendar year.

My friend Victoria never fails to share quaint memories as well as current celebratory customs, honoring May Day's sacred role in the natural - cosmic cycle.
Even Christmas Tree Lights
go along with May Day!
Just ask the Bee Gees
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