Friday, February 14, 2020

Double Double Valentine

Double ~ Double Value!
Not only did Sam renew for a second year, but Ben
came along and snuck his name onto Sam's handiwork!

My Valentine to Sam back in 2011 was two copies of the children's story Ferdinand the Bull (one in English and an extra one in Spanish just for fun, because he was studying Spanish in high school). He was nearly grown already, but I chose Ferdinand because it was mentioned in the movie The Blind Side that we had seen shortly before Valentine's Day, plus Sam had read and liked the book on which the movie is based.

The main character in the movie never knew about Ferdinand in his deprived childhood, and didn't learn about it till he was a teenager. Somehow or other, I too missed out on Ferdinand in my own childhood and neglected to read it aloud to Ben and Sam during their younger years. So here was my chance to make up for that omission. As an added bonus, this book even looks like a Valentine! Just embellish with a heart - shaped paper doily, and you're good to go!

2012 was the I year that I had to cheer up a cynical friend, well perhaps not all that cynical if she was taking delight in the wee mice and rabbits of
Holly Pond Hill
: "That cute little mouse card was the best so far! Except for small animals, I have now reached that mental part of my life that says, 'Valentine's Day sucks.' It's exclusionist, a message from the world around me that as an unmarried person I'm not the norm. Is this how other discriminated groups feel, caught in this bigger cultural picture? Okay, that was deep, or not, but that's how I see it."

True, there are "bigger cultural pictures" of exclusivity, but Valentine's Day? No! She was right the first time: it is a holiday for small animals (as is Groundhog Day!); also, children, friends and relatives of all kinds, sisters, aunties, and girlfriends! I tried to reassure her: forget about the world of advertising! who cares if the gentlemen of one's acquaintance are unforthcoming with candy and flowers? Gerry and I rarely do those things -- just the cards! Valentine's Day is a celebration of arts and crafts, baking, and best friends (thanks to Burnetta for this article)!

Valentine Mice by Susan Wheeler
As I've said before:
2012 ~ Valen - Time
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