Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Something About the Sun

Back in the carefree days of driving
across the country from State to State,
when "corona" just meant something about the sun!

Thanks to my friends
Jay Beets
for this photo of Me & My Panama Bag ~ May 2017
Duo Dickinson
for his essay: "Coronal" ~ March 2020
"The lacerating tunes of our discord are great with us. Right now. . . .

"The sun is not just the sun, it is also the corona, beyond it. It is what it makes that it does not feed upon. No virus, however spherical and full of dark energy, makes that corona, But the corona of fear, of anger and angst is as real, until it goes away, because the virus simply has no hosts. It only has fear."

To calm the fear, it's cool these days to have
a Quarantine Playlist ~ here's mine:

Jay picked this one:
Scarborough Fair

Kinda feels like it:
Last Night of the World

Dawn or Doom?
In The Year 2525

This one keeps coming up:
Isn't Life Strange

Here's one for my brother Bruce:
We Got Paid by CASH

We're all waiting for this day:
The Unclouded Day

Sam taught me this one.
For my sibs: Dave, Peg, Bruce, Di, Aaron
Hey Brother

Another good one from Avicii -- thanks Sam:
Wake Me Up

For Victoria & Diane:
Moon River

Gerry's choice:
Whiter Shade of Pale

Keep clear of disease!
Things Have Reached a Pretty Pass

Yearning to mingle with the old time throng:
Give My Regards To Broadway

A Show Tune for Steven:
You'll Never Walk Alone - Judy Garland

Igor's suggestion: Staying Alive! Ah. Ah. Ah.
Staying Alive!

Another one from Jay:
Sold My Heart

My friend Megan reminded me of this one:
Both Sides Now

BBFF (Best Band Friends Forever):
Chicago - 25 Or 6 To 4

Haven't seen "Hamilton" yet? Now is the time:
Hamilton: The Musical (Animatic version)

Gonna be peace of mind for me . . .
One Of These Days

The whole album really:
Ammonia Avenue

The fear that . . . seems to never end . . .
as the cities start to crumble . . .
Rhymes & Reasons

Thanks to Curtis for this one:
If Peace Was All We Had

Revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate:
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Everybody wants to rule the world . . . or do they?
Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

As the last train rolled toward the moon . . .
Desert Moon

Again, the whole album:
Wasted Time

It seems the good they die young . . .
Abraham, Martin, and John

And lastly:
Coronavirus Rhapsody


Quarantine Reading List

And Previous Playlists:
Breakup ~ Duets ~ Forever Young

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