Tuesday, December 22, 2020


What better exclamation to capture both
the spirit of the season and the spirit of the photo?!
Look at my Grandma & Grandpa Carriker in 1959 (and 1953)! They are practically riding in a one - horse open sleigh! Of course they had a car in 1959, so I'm not sure why they are in this apparently horse - drawn carriage. Perhaps it was some kind of throw-back community historical event, a harvest festival, or barn raising -- or maybe just a fun photo op. True, the photo portrays neither horse nor snow, yet the tree looks wintry. And they look dashing! I love their accessories -- Grandpa's hat and string tie, and Grandma's scarf!

Speaking of dashing, here is
a dashing Christmas card
from a sweet grand-daughter
A festive two - horse - drawn carriage
featured on a Christmas card from 1961
sent from my sister (age 11 at the time)
to our Grandpa & Grandma Lindsey & Uncle Earl.
Recently rediscovered in a box of greeting cards
that Grandma had saved over the years.
“A warm and friendly wish
for Christmas
and the coming New Year

Merry Christmas to All
To Grandma, Grandpa & Earl
From Peggy”
“How are you? We are all fine.
We are busy but having fun. It
is now Thursday. We had snow
today when I was in school. It is
about 1” deep now but it might do
some more tonight. It is real cold
out here. I had better close it now
because I am running out of space.”

Grandma & Grandpa on a cycle in their backyard
Willard Samson Carriker
~ "Jack" ~
Dec 6, 1898 - March 6, 1974

Melvina Adeline Beavers Carriker
~ "Shug" [as in "Sugar] ~
May 17, 1901 - November 18, 1981

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