Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May the Fork Be With You

A good day for some recent food pics!
Eat it with a fork or
eat it with a spork -- your choice!

Cathleen got out the Spiralizer!
Butternut squash (L), sweet potatoes (R)

Inside the Bundt Pan ~ Outside the Bundt Pan!
1/2 batch in a Bundt Pan
If you make the full recipe -- it is a true POUND cake!
A perfect fruitcake for Spring -- bright yellow & red!
I love all the dark Christmas spices,
but this cake is such a nice change without them
because it stays so bright & pretty.

Perfecting the Family Style Nachos
A new favorite -- baked instead of micro-waved.

Happy "May the Force / Fork Be With You Day"
. . . and for tomorrow ~ May 5, 2021
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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