Friday, October 22, 2021

Just Beware!

Signs can be so much fun! When I saw the above retro metal sign on a nearby neighborhood fence, it gave me such a laugh that I had to order some for Halloween. Thankfully, amazon did not let us down. Despite the compromising infiltration of so many ghosts and goblins into the supply chain, we were able to acquire as many as we wanted.

We kept one for ourselves and shared a few others with friends and relatives. In keeping with our troubled times, the cautionary message is somewhat menacing, in manner of Kafka, yet somewhat absurd in manner of Flann O'Brien, not to mention, eerily existential. I offered to get my kids one, but they said “No, we have the spider!” I guess it sends the same message!

Last year, part of the seasonal decor.

Now, a year - round feature!

And while we're on the topic of wariness,
how about this very old shot gun shell
that I found in my grandmother's jewelry box?

"Dangerous High Explosives!"
Here's what Gerry found under the old paint
when he refinished the little doll table that
my grandfather made for me 60 years ago!
Such an unexpected legacy from my grandparents . . .
Just Beware!

A Vintage Aluminum Boo!

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