Tuesday, March 22, 2022

All Things Being Equal

Photography by Thomas Oord
"The regularity of the seasons and the provisions God offers creatures are additional examples of God's lovingly faithful covenant (Gen 8: 22; Ps 104). God's steadfast love faithfully supports and necessarily maintains a measure of order in the universe while also empowering the freedom, self-organization and spontaneity necessary for novelty. Chance and random events in the universe are possible because God provides free will, agency, self - organization, spontaneity and the generative power to be." (187)

from The Uncontrolling Love of God:
An Open and Relational Account of Providence

by Thomas Jay Oord (b 1965)
Thanks to Thomas Oord for sharing his photographs
at the end of the year for future use. I chose these two
that I knew would be perfect for the Vernal Equinox!

"As an expression of my gratitude and in keeping with the generosity of the season, I'm sending this gift. Well, there are actually four gifts.

Below are four photos I made during 2021. Feel free to download any or all. They're my Christmas gifts to you.

Maybe you'd like to print one or more and hang them in your office or home. Maybe they'll work as screensaver images or computer backdrops. Whatever works. Do with them as you wish.

Thanks for your support and friendship in 2021!


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