Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All Hail To William!
Sam-Man Cometh!

Welcome Home Nest, under the dining table,
made by Big Brother Ben (age 3 yrs, 3 mos)
for New Baby Sam (age 2 days)

My talented, literary friend Vickie -- seen on yesterday's post (scroll down) with Tony Bennett -- lovingly composed the following lyrics when my children were born, stanza one for Ben in 1990 and stanza two for Sam in 1993. Gerry set the words to music; and yesterday afternoon our house was filled with the joyful noise of Ben at the piano, practicing the carousing tune written by his dad, while I sat at the computer, typing up our custom - made accolade:

All hail to William, known as Ben,

Born in the shade of Agamem-

non[e] can compare to this young lad,

The noblest baby ever had!

So trumpets wail at wee Ben's drool!

Ring out the news in Liverpool!

Carouse in all the joy of it!

Hail Padre Gerry! Mummy Kit!

Then Sam-man cometh, he's the one

Who's known as "Super Second Son,"

Another shining light upon

His handsome pere and glowing mum!

So toast the scones! Bring out the jam!

None sweet enough for yummy Sam.

The wisest bards rejoice! Make merry!

Hail Sam and Ben, Kitti and Gerry!

Written with love by Dear Auntie Wickie,adoring my children from afar, from the days they were born!
[Sam's idea, changing the "V" to "W"]

P.S. Vickie Meeting Ben ~ Summer 2015
On his front porch in Durham, North Carolina


  1. Oh dear. All these wonderful photos of the boys and the poetry is making me homesick for them! I think I need a trip out to your house.
    Love the Tony Bennet stuff and Vicki of course. Is that Gerry with a moustache?! You know I have the first pic of you two in black tie in my LR framed. Shows my friends in the hinterlands that I have some classy friends somewhere! lol

  2. I'm dying to hear the music to go with the lyrics. Can you link it to this blog entry. The best would be vimeo with the whole family singing and playing.

  3. My thoughts about this photograph: Ben adored Baby Sam from the word go and none of us ever feared that the second baby was somehow a threat to the first -- but I have heard a lot of people say that, so perhaps that experience may be the common one, but it wasn't mine.

    I do remember how LARGE Ben (age 3) seemed next to Sam, kind of like a dog & a cat napping together. I remember watching them sleep side by side in the nest made by Ben under the dining room table and thinking they looked like two separate species.

    Whenever Sam cried, Ben would ask me sorrowfully, "What's wrong to Baby Sam?" Ahhhh, that broke my heart!