Friday, July 2, 2010


Last week, for the full moon, I posted "Summons," a poem that has been with me for over three decades: " . . . tell me clouds / Are doing something to the moon / They never did before." Just a few weeks ago, my friend Burnetta, a very literary botanist, introduced me to this poetical conundrum by the same author:

The beautiful is fair. The just is fair.
Yet one is commonplace and one is rare,
One everywhere, one scarcely anywhere.

So fair unfair a world. Had we the wit
To use the surplus for the deficit,
We'd make a fairer fairer world of it

Robert Francis, 1901 - 1987
American Poet from Pennsylvania & Massachusetts

. . . which in turn reminded me of these short poems by artistic guru and King of StoryPeople Brian Andreas:

They left me
with your shadow,
saying things like
Life is not fair

& I believed them
for a long time.

But today,
I remembered
the way you laughed
& the heat
of your hand
in mine

& I knew that
life is more fair
than we can
ever imagine
if we are there to live it


It also seems to work with the word lucky, as in "life is more lucky than we can ever imagine if we are there to live it."

As Ben Folds sings, "I am the luckiest."

And of course, Jason Mraz:
"Lucky to have been where I have been . . .
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed . . . "


Not to mention Love & Justice


Now, back to StoryPeople:

There's only your time & then there's not-your-time, he said.
All the rest is made up to keep you busy.

I'm not sure how it's going to turn out,
except I'll die in the end, she said.
So, really, what could go wrong?

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